My new baby was eight days old when we first took her out to our local shopping centre. It was the week before Christmas and the trip was a complete disaster. I made it into a total of three shops and spent the majority of the two hour visit in the parents room wondering why I ever left the house. It was certainly a trip to remember.

But, it does get easier. You learn the tricks to getting out with baby and soon enough, a trip to the shops or a walk to the park will be the parts of your day you look forward to most. Getting out and about with your precious bundle and experiencing the world together.

Kyly Clarke, CEO of Lyfestyled Fragrance Collection and Nadia Bartel, founder and publisher of Chronicles of Nadia both recently spoke at One Fine Baby as a special guest of Joolz. Together with Kyly, Nadia and Joolz, I have put together these tips to help you on your adventures with your little one.


Your pram is seriously your best friend when it comes to getting out and about with baby. And you need to find one that works for you. With any luck, baby will happily sleep away in the pram so you can walk/shop/coffee in between feeds and nappy changes! So what do you need to look for when choosing a pram?

  • Is it flexible to accommodate baby’s changing needs? I.e. can the seat recline and does it include a bassinet option for newborns?
  • Is there enough storage space for shopping bags or carrying baby essentials?
  • Is it smooth to push and navigate on bumpy footpaths/busy shopping centres?
  • Is it easy to fold and will it fit in your car?

I have the Joolz Geo Tailor and love that I can venture out with both my toddler and baby in the pram. If I’m just with the baby there is plenty of storage space so I can be hands free if I need to pick her up. Of her Joolz pram, Kyly says “It’s functional on so many levels, it pushes along with ease and is so compact when folded to fit into the boot. Topping it off, it’s stylish!”

Do your research to find the right pram for you. One that will last and meet your needs as a family.

choosing the right pram

Nappy bag

In terms of a successful trip out with baby, your nappy bag comes a close second behind your pram. Nappy bag prep will save you a lot of stress when something is missing when you really need it!

So what do you need in the nappy bag? “Apart from the standard, nappies, change mat etc. I can’t go far without Water Wipes, his soft mini footy, Sophie the giraffe as he is teething and loves it and his favourite fabric ‘My Quiet Book’ which keeps him entertained because it has lots of textures to touch and play with” says Nadia.

You can find my essential checklist for choosing a nappy bag in Issue 31!


Between feeding and sleeping, showering and dressing, just getting out the door can take an age. The trick is to prepare as much as you can the night before – packing your nappy bag, laying out your clothes and baby’s clothes, anything that will make your day easier. Then you can time your trip in between feeds and make the most of nap time!

Backup plan

There are a few backups you need when out and about with baby. The first is some kind of baby carrier. A pram is vital but sometimes baby just wants mama’s arms. And you can’t be carrying them and wheeling the pram. A carrier takes care of this and keeps baby happy and your hands free.

The second backup is a few spare things in the car. A change of clothes for baby and maybe for you. A few spare nappies and a packet of wipes because that is one thing you don’t want to be stuck without! And a book to read if you are lucky enough to get a few minutes of peace in the driveway when baby falls asleep on the drive home!

And speaking of backup, take a support person if you can. Your partner, a friend, your mum. A friendly face who can hold the baby while you find the nappies in your bag, or who can buy you som sushi while you head to the parents room for another feed.


Just remember, you’ve got this, mama. Kyly recalls having her daughter, Kelsey Lee, vomit on her while out and about without a chance to return home and change. We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t, then just wait your turn!

As with the rest of this motherhood gig, going out with baby will only get easier. Know that you aren’t supposed to know everything. You will be challenged with baby vomits or ‘poosplosions’ in the car seat or a baby who starts screaming just as you get to the front of the queue at the post office. But you’ve got this!

What are you tips for heading out with baby? How did you go on your first adventure together?

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