My parents have this marble side table that belonged to my grandparents. It weighs a tonne and I always thought it was so old fashioned. But not anymore. Marble is so hot right now. I’m seeing it everywhere – bench tops at restaurants, platters and plates, floors. The marble trend has truly hit.

You don’t need to change your kitchen bench to achieve a marble look. It seems that marble is the trend across lots of different products. I went to Etsy and found these pieces to help you add a little marble to your style.

marble trend

1. Marble phone case by OvercaseShop  2. Marble wrapping paper by thepaperkit  3. Marble mouse pad by PatternBeahviour  4. Polymer clay bead necklace by RafHop  5. Marble & gold photo holders by StudioLilesadi  6. Marble wallpaper by veryberrysticker  7. Marble MacBook decal by MarbleDecals  8. Pink and black hex marble print by MoxKids  9. Marble letters by STUDIOGWEN

** I love Etsy, yes I do! And that is why I joined their affiliate program. The links in this post are affiliate links but you can be assured that I spent over an hour researching the best of the best and would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t buy for myself or my family. You might like to read this post I wrote in 2012 about why I love buying handmade.


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