I’m a big believer in celebrating your parenting wins every day. Over in the Mum Life group we regularly talk about our #mamawins and applauding each other for the good stuff. Like, that feeling of relief when you get your little one to sleep at nap time or managing to get the kids out the door for school with zero fuss. They are all wins and we should celebrate them, or else life can be a little tedious.

But what about those next level parenting moments? The ones that leave you fist pumping and high-fiving yourself or anyone else who happens to be around. The ones that leave you feeling 10ft tall and like you can take on the world. Here are some of those moments.

  1. Transferring a sleeping child from the car seat into their bed. Tiptoe through those creaky floorboards!
  2. Changing the nappy of a sleeping baby/toddler and not waking them up. You parenting ninja you.
  3. Putting broccoli on your kids dinner plate every night for a year and they finally actually eat it. Winning!
  4. Talking a toddler down from a tantrum in the middle of a crowded shopping centre. Next up, volunteering for police hostage negotiations.
  5. Walking past any of those shopping centre car rides and successfully distracting the little people. That’s $2 you saved yourself today.
  6. Convincing your kids that the marshmallows that come with babycinos are for mummies. Win/Win!
  7. When your kids are old enough and they bring you breakfast in bed, without you even having to ask. Isn’t that the dream?
  8. Successfully navigating a floor covered in Lego without stepping on a single piece!

Have you had any next level parenting moments lately?


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