I’m always on the look out for new accounts to follow on Instagram and in my searching I’ve found a group of amazing women who simply show motherhood stripped back to what it is – a hard slog with so very many rewards. These are my 8 favourite Instagram mums who tell it like it is.



Lauren Patterson, blogger at MADMAXMUM, isn’t afraid to talk about her struggle with PND, show you photos of her skin breakouts or the share realities of post baby bodies. I love how she inspires other mums and doesn’t hide the bad bits in amongst the gorgeous photos of her two littlies.



Her profile says it all, “This is ME. Boobs, pubes & all.” From her divine black wedding dress to sharing photos in her SPANX, Sophie Cachia AKA The Young Mummy isn’t afraid to be herself on Instagram. She is as glamorous as she is real and I just can’t get enough of her adorable Bobby!



Recently taking the world of social media by storm, Constance Hall is certainly telling it like it is. From enemas, to naked pregnant bath selfies, vasectomies and libido, nothing is off limits for Queen Constance. She has generated interest from the likes of The Ellen Show and garnering support from tens of thousands of mums who love her straight talking style.



I was laughing so hard scrolling through Dani’s feed and reading her spot on descriptions of everyday mum life. Like heading out for a pedicure with baby in tow and instantly regretting it (we’ve all been there). There is lots of adorable baby spam thrown in to make it that much sweeter!



This is probably one of the funniest Instagram accounts I have come across. Celeste Barber takes photos of celebs and recreates them in real life. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and even Justin Bieber – no one is safe from Celeste’s hilarious “makeovers”. Warning: feed not suitable for those with a full bladder and a weak pelvic floor!



In between the Kmart finds and Target styling are some nuggets of “tell it like it is” gold from Bargain Mums, Jess and Lisa. From the realities of kids who don’t sleep to whinging kids and “those days”. They also have an eye for style and know how to snap up a bargain!



She started the hashtag #iamnotabigdeal to create a space for real stories minus the insta fake and I think Kel Reynolds is fabulous for it! From her kids asking her if she has ever been beautiful or just always been old to sharing her messy house she is one real mama! Oh and so much handmade goodness here from this very clever lady.



Breastfeeding isn’t something that comes naturally to all of us mums and Jules is sharing her experiences as well as the realities of new motherhood with her adorable daughter. From sharing her pregnancy through to the lack of sleep and challenges of mum life with a little bubba!

Who are your favourite Instagram mums? Do you follow me? I’m @kidmagazineau


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