“I have enough handbags. I don’t need any more.” are words you will never hear come out of my mouth. So when the lovely people at JJ Cole offered me a gorgeous caprice bag to review I sent back a polite “yes please” while fist pumping and doing my new handbag happy dance. I love the JJ Cole range and have already reviewed their Satchel bag and love it!

The fabulous thing about the JJ Cole bags is all the different compartments that you can pop all sorts of mummy goodies into. The thing I have learnt about nappy bags is that the contents are forever changing. In the early days it is all nappies, nappies, burp cloths and more nappies. As bub gets older, the number of nappies decreases, burp cloths are a thing of the past and they are all replaced with toys, snacks, toys and more snacks. Or is is just my daughter who loves to eat?

Instead of reviewing the caprice bag I have put together my tips for packing your nappy bag. It can be so hard to get it right and make the most of a bag. When you have so many compartments it is so easy to be organised but chaos can just as easily rain down.

1. Always keep nappies in your nappy bag

It may seem like a no brainer but in the early days when Olivia was going through 10 or so nappies a day, I started carrying nappies in a separate bag. It was too bulky in my nappy bag. But then I would occasionally go out with just my handbag and not actually have any nappies. If you do have a separate bag for nappies (I use a cosmetic bag) then always keep two or three nappies plus wipes in your bag. The JJ Cole bags are great because they come with a compact matching change wallet so you don’t need to carry a big bulky one around.

nappy bag nappies

2. Use the compartments wisely

What you use the compartments for will change by age and what your baby needs. I always have one compartment for mummy (wallet, lip gloss etc) and at the moment have one for snacks, one for toys and one for anything else I need.

nappy bag snacks

3. Keep the middle section for big things

If you start throwing little hair clips or train toys in the middle section of the bag and not in the compartments then you will end up with chaos. Leave the middle section for bigger items. I keep my iPad and DSLR in the middle. It might be books or a favourite teddy bear for you.


4. Keep your phone and keys where you can find them

Your phone and keys are the two things that you go searching for the most. If I don’t put them back in my designated sections then I am always fishing around for them. I keep my phone in the front of my bag in the phone pouch (go figure) and my keys in the insulated section at the side. Probably not conventional but it means that when I get home and am carrying baby and shopping bags, that I don’t have to open any zip pouches to find my keys.

nappy bag phone

5. Clean out your bag every night

You probably accumulate a whole lot of stuff you just don’t need during the day. I am always amazed at what I find in my bag. My favourite thing is the half eaten rusks Olivia manages to throw in when she doesn’t want them anymore. A quick clean out each night keeps you organised and ready to head out the door each morning.

6. Keep sippy cups in a snap lock bag

I learnt this the hard way. I thought I had put the lid on the sippy cup properly but it was loose and I ended up with a bag full of water. If you pop sippy cups in a snap lock bag it saves those spills and you aren’t constantly checking if the sippy cup is up the right way in your bag.

nappy bag sippy cup

7. Carry a water bottle

If you are anything like me, you forget to drink water during the day. Keep a water bottle in your bag every day so you are at least getting some water in. I also find it makes me more likely to drink water at other times.

nappy bag drink bottle

Do you have a great tip for keeping your nappy bag organised?


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