A guest post by Angela Rodgers from Brooke Maree.

I like to think of babywearing as my secret weapon. That extra thing in my parenting toolkit that gives me an edge.

Okay, so it’s not that secret, and it’s becoming fairly common now to have a carrier. But what a lot of people don’t realise is exactly how much more you can get done with a baby carrier. So allow me to share some of the ordinary and maybe slightly unexpected things I’ve managed to do while babywearing…

1. Hang Washing

Babies make a lot of washing. A LOT! Babies also aren’t too keen on you putting them down for 5 minutes to get said washing on the line. It became a part of my morning routine to put my baby in the carrier, then carry the washing out and hang it. The best part was that he’d often be asleep by the time I came back inside, so I could sit down for a while, and soak in my success.

2. Explored on Holidays

Holidays with a baby can be quite a mission. They just come with so. much. stuff. Luckily, a baby carrier tends to be a lot lighter and more compact than a pram. We explored everywhere in carriers on our recent weekend away. While it was tiring, it meant that we could do naps on-the-go, and didn’t have to worry about pram accessibility.

3. Christmas Cooking

When you’re a sleep deprived new mum and your baby wakes you up at 4am on Christmas morning, you just roll with it. So I popped on the carrier, switched on the light and cooked up a storm to bring with us to family gatherings! Okay, not really. I cooked like 3 things. But I still felt a bit like superwoman!

4. Go to the Beach

With a carrier, I can dig my toes into the sand without digging stroller wheels into it as well. Now that my little one is becoming more mobile, I suspect he’ll prefer to explore on the ground a little more soon. But I know I’ll still be bringing a carrier – just in case – for when he tires himself out!

5. Explore Markets

Babywearing at the markets means I don’t have to worry about rough ground, or bumping into stalls and people in cramped spaces. And I can’t even think of one occasion where my baby fussed in the carrier while we were out.

6. Exercise

When you’re a new mum, exercise can often seem impossible. But using a carrier means that it is easy to go for walks outside with my baby. I’ve even been to Kangatraining a number of times, where other mums with babies in carriers train together. Usually the end result is tired, happy mummies, and content, sleeping babies.

7. Go to the Toilet

Last but not least… yup, I have gone to the toilet with my child in the carrier. Quite a few times, actually! When you gotta go, you gotta go. The way I see it is, why disturb a sleeping/content baby if you don’t have to? Babywearing is hygienically hands-free, so as long as you make sure no parts of the carrier can fall into the toilet, you’re good to go. Just be prepared for some funny looks if you do it in a shopping centre cubicle ;-)

Why Babywearing Everyday is a Win for Us…

As long as we’re wearing, my kid is happy, safe, and sometimes even asleep – 3 things which are almost never guaranteed when they’re left to their own devices!

Sure, most of these activities sound pretty everyday to most people but if you’re a parent or new mum, getting out and about to do ordinary things with your baby can seem like kind of a big deal at first. Babywearing has helped me to keep my household running smoothly, have more opportunities to get outside, and feel confident that I can take care of my baby’s needs.

So tell me what things have you got up to while babywearing? And if you don’t have a carrier, what are some of your parenting hacks or tools (so I can steal your ideas!)?

About Brooke Maree

Brooke Maree is an online babywearing shop, run by Brooke, a qualified babywearing consultant and babywearing mum, based in North Brisbane. Angela is a friend of Brooke’s and fellow babywearer. Brooke Maree’s growing range of includes Manduca, Kokadi, Fidella, and Daiesu. Shop here: www.brookemaree.com.au and follow Brooke Maree on Facebook and Instagram!

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