There are so many products on the market that it is hard to cut through what you really need when it comes to baby let along products specifically to aid with breastfeeding. The beauty of breastfeeding your baby is that you actually don’t need a lot. You can pick up baby and head anywhere with a ready food supply. But there are a few products that can make breastfeeding a lot easier, particularly in the early days while you and baby are adjusting to each other.

1. Feeding Cookies. If you are having supply issues while breastfeeding then you should try a pack of these as they can help with milk supply. you should always keep a few snacks handy while you are feeding, especially in those early days when you might be feeding for an hour or longer and these do the trick beautifully. Breastfeeding cookie, $12

2. A Boppy pillow. These are amazing for providing support while you are feeding baby. The curve sits against your body and you can rest your baby on top to take the pressure off your arms and back. You can also use the Boppy for tummy time and to put behind an older baby to support them once they are sitting up. Boppy Nursing Pillow, $99.95

3. A drink bottle. Keep a drink bottle full of water on you at all times while breastfeeding. You need to stay hydrated and once you settle in for a feed you can’t just get up to grab a drink. Get into the habit of filling it up after each feed. Little Miss Chatterbox Water Bottle, $23.95

4. A feeding app. I used Baby by Smallnest when I was first breastfeeding to help keep track of when I was feeding Olivia. In those early days I couldn’t remember when I had last fed her and so needed a little help. I always had my phone on me so an app worked best. Baby by Smallnest, free

5. A nursing cover. That first time you breastfeed your baby in public can be quite daunting. It feels like everyone is watching and you fumble about and more than likely flash more boob than you would like. A nursing cover can help with that by providing privacy while you feed. Bonappeteat nursing cover in One Shade of Grey, $45

6. A versatile nappy bag. This is one product I wish I had when Olivia was born. I always used a boppy pillow at home but when I went out my arms weren’t used to holding Olivia. The Take-Off Tote is a nappy bag, feeding pillow and play mat in one. It saves you carting your pillow around and also looks great! Take-Off Tote, $129.95

What was one thing you couldn’t live without in the early days of breastfeeding?


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