It may be nearly a year away, but with a little bit of preparation now you can save future you time and money when Christmas does roll around. Sara Keli reveals 6 January tasks that will result in a smoother, simpler Christmas.

Buy wrapping paper

After Christmas you can always pick up some great bargains on Christmas wrapping paper. If you have the space to store it, stock up now and that is one less thing you need to do next Christmas.

Review your gift list

Your gift list might change slightly each year but it is likely the core group of people you buy for each year doesn’t change. Keep a list of who you buy for each year and how much you spend and it will be a good indication of your budget for next Christmas and help you buy throughout the year if you spot any sales.

Declutter the Christmas decorations

As you pack away your decorations, declutter any that are broken or you no longer want. When putting any Christmas lights away make sure they are tangle free and it will make decorating next Christmas a much simpler task!

Prepare for any big changes

Often at Christmas you have an idea to perhaps switch to Kris Kringle for gifts rather than buying for everyone in the family or even travelling away for Christmas. Now is the time to have those conversations otherwise it may be too late if people have already bought gifts or made plans and you will have to wait another year.

Start saving now

Even though it happens at the same time every year, Christmas has a way of sneaking up on you.  If you have reviewed your list and know how much you spent last Christmas, you will have a rough idea of how much you will need to spend this year. If you divide that amount by the number of weeks remaining and start saving that amount each week, you will be set come Christmas.

Write your own Christmas wish list

Do you ever have that problem where throughout the year you can think of so many things you want for Christmas and then when someone asks you what they can buy you go completely blank? Start writing a list now. As you see things you want, add it to the list. You could also do the same for the kids or if any friends/family members mention things they like, keep a record of it to make your gift buying much easier.

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