Pre-kids I loved grocery shopping. I would casually stroll the aisles with my trolley choosing a magazine or two to read, carefully selecting ingredients for a romantic dinner and splurging on wheels of Camembert cheese. Now my trolley is filled with nappies, washing powder and giant blocks of tasty cheese and I race through that place like a woman fleeing a burning building.

Grocery shopping is no longer a way to kill some time but rather a chore on an endless list of other chores that I must somehow find time to do. If you are like me and would love to save some time (and money) on your grocery shopping then here are a few ideas…

Shop online

Doing my groceries online has seriously changed my life. I have been doing it for three months and it now only takes me 15 minutes to do my grocery shopping each week. I keep a list of what I need throughout the week and do my shopping at night while I’m sitting on the couch. I have gained at least an hour back each week and I’m also spending less on groceries as I’m avoiding all those impulse purchases.

Know what is in your pantry

This can save you a lot of money by making sure you are using what is in your pantry and freezer. On the inside of your pantry keep a list of the things you have for various meals such as ingredients for bolognaise or burritos. On the fridge door keep a list of all the meat and meals you have so you don’t need to go digging around the freezer. You will always not what meals you can whip up without any thought.

Write a list

A list is the ultimate way to stay on track with your grocery shopping but the best way to write a list is to group similar things together. When you are writing your list have a few headings on a page such as “dairy”, “frozen”, “chilled”, “fruit/vegetables”, “toiletries” etc. and write your list under each heading. It will save time while you are walking around the shops as you can cross off each heading as you go.

Stock up

If you have a large family you will be no stranger to buying in bulk but it can also work for smaller families, provided you have the storage space. Things like stocking up on toilet paper or washing powder when it is on sale are a great idea. I also buy meat in bulk and will divide it up into smaller portions to place in the freezer. Avoid buying too much of anything with a short use by date that can’t be frozen.

Buy fresh

Look around for a good local green grocer or farmer’s market and try buying your fresh produce from there. You might spend a bit more time with your shopping this way but generally the produce is fresher, will last longer and save you money. I also love the experience of buying direct from the grower at the farmer’s market. Even better if you can visit an orchard with the kids and pick your own produce.

What are your tips for saving time and money on grocery shopping?


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