I love how Instagram has made photography so accessible for everyone. Anyone can start up an account and start sharing their images. I get so inspired by seeing people who have never had any training or even held a “proper” camera before taking the most amazing photos of the people and things around them.

Instagram is my favourite social media and I actually think by using it that I am taking better photos of Olivia. The kind of photos I would be proud to put up on my walls at home and photos that represent the fun we have together each and every day. I have come up with a few tips that I think will help you to take better photos of your kids. Whether you use Instagram or not, they are still relevant. I’ve also shared a few of my favourite insta-snaps to illustrate my points.

A quick note before I get into these tips. Your photos don’t always have to be perfect. The tips don’t replace the moments you capture as they happen. Keep taking photos of your kids everyday with all the crazy things they do. Babies first foray into solids covered in pumpkin puree or your little one getting ready for their first day at school. Take those photos and more and in all their messy and random glory! Now onto my photography tips.

Think about the backdrop

A really good, clean picture will usually have a simple backdrop. If you are taking photos with a DSLR you will be able to adjust the aperture to blur out the background but on a smart phone, which most of us use to take our photos, you won’t be able to do this. Pick a clean background such as a blank wall or if you are photographing a baby a solid colour blanket or even some vibrant grass.


Shoot from above

Some of my favourite shots of Olivia are when I have been able to sneak up on her while she is happily playing and take a photo of her doing what she does. These photos are so special to me because they aren’t posed, they are completely natural and I am just an observer capturing a moment. Shooting from above means you are less likely to interrupt them (just do it quietly) and gives you a birdseye view.


Go to the park

The park is one of the best places to take photos of kids. They will likely have a big smile on my face and they will be running around happily giving you hands free to take photos. Standing at the bottom of the slide is a great place to snap some good shots. Just keep your finger on the button so you don’t miss a good one! On the swing and running around on the grass are also good options.


Use daddy

It doesn’t have to be daddy, it could be a grandparent or aunty or close friend, just someone who your child has a great relationship with. I love being an outside observer on moments between my two loves and seeing the interaction between them. Even better when I can capture moments between them. I also find that having someone in the photo with her means that Olivia isn’t so aware of the camera and I can just happily shoot away.


Make sure you make an appearance

Do you want your kids to look back on these photos when they are older and wonder where mum is? Make you sure you make an appearance in the photos so that you have a record of your time with your precious ones. Ask others to take photos of you with your kids so that you aren’t always taking just selfies. All you need is a big happy grin and you will look gorgeous!


In writing about taking better photos and sharing some of my favourite Instagram snaps with you I also want to tell you about Sticky 9^. I have been using them since Olivia was born to create magnets of all some of my best Instagram photos. Our fridge is covered in them! You can also now select images straight from your phone camera roll if you aren’t on Instagram. The magnets are so cute and from $18.99 for a set of nine they are an affordable gift. Sticky 9^ also now do a range of other photo products like prints, posters and photo books if magnets aren’t your thing.

Do you hang out on Instagram? Do you have any tips for how to take good photos of your kids?

(^ indicates an affiliate link which means that if you click on that link and purchase something, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)


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