When you reframe your thinking about the environment to consider that we are simply borrowing the earth from our grandchildren, it really makes you think about the imprint we are each leaving just through our day-to-day activities.

Actually making a change can be daunting, because where do you start? Well, why not with the smallest room in the house and one you do spend a lot of time in when you add up time spent showering, brushing teeth, using the toilet etc.

So here are five practical ways you can make a difference to the planet. No expensive new water saving toilets or shower heads required. Just practical tips that when combined, will lessen your impact on the world you are passing on to your grandchildren.

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Switch to plastic alternatives

Did you know that 23 million plastic toothbrushes (the equivalent of 350 tonnes!) are thrown into landfill in Australia every year? It horrifies me to think that a single plastic toothbrush can take 500 years to breakdown.

While we may use a lot of other plastic items in the bathroom, sometimes there aren’t great alternatives available. But when it comes to toothbrushes, bamboo is the way to go. The Boo Boo Bamboo toothbrush is a new product to the market with a biodegradable bamboo handle and soft bristles, available in sizes for both adults and kids.

BooBoo Bamboo toothbrush review

Other than the fact that the Boo Boo Brush is so much better for the environment, I love that you can sign up on a subscription basis so you don’t even need to think about when you need new toothbrushes (plus a subscription is cheaper than buying the brushes one off!).

They are also designed by an Aussie mum, so she created them with our kids in mind and you can replace the toothbrushes for the whole family! 

Reuse and recycle

In cases where you can’t switch away from plastic think about how you can dispose of the plastic waste. Lids make awesome wheels if you like to craft with the kids and plastic shampoo bottles can also be used to create any number of amazing inventions!

If you don’t fancy keeping the bottles around in your own craft box, day care centres will often have a hairdressing corner with empty and washed shampoo and other hair product bottles. Check with your local centre if they need anything to add to their stash.

Otherwise ensure that you dispose of any plastics appropriately by rinsing any recyclables and placing them in the recycling bin.

Conserve water

Without going to the expense of replacing shower heads and toilets, there are still certainly things you can do to reduce your water consumption in the bathroom.

Start with turning the tap off while you are brushing your teeth. That water is literally just going down the sink!

Conserve water - bathroom sink

If you are anything like me, your best ideas happen in the shower so 2 minutes turns into 10 as you plan out your next brilliant idea. Whether you are a short shower taker or a daydreamer like me, pop a bucket in the shower to catch water that you can then use on your garden.

Baths can also use a huge amount of water, especially when you have a large bathtub and are just bathing the kids. When my daughter was a baby, I bathed her in the laundry sink. It was kinder on my back and saved so much water. You can also buy dividers that partition off your bath so you don’t have to fill the whole thing each time.

Hang up your towels

Just like in a hotel where you are encouraged to hang your towels up if you don’t want them changed daily, teach the kids to do the same thing at home. Hanging them up as soon as you have used them will avoid them getting that musty smell to them so you are washing them every 3-4 uses as recommended rather than for just a single use.

Use eco friendly cleaning products

These days there are so many alternative cleaning products available. Using eco-friendly options, or even making your own, particularly in the bathroom, which tends to require a deeper clean, can have a big environmental impact.

Think about the impact switching to a bamboo toothbrush will have now if you calculate the amount of plastic toothbrushes you won’t be sending to landfill! Or the amount of water you conserve just by watering your garden with shower water. Just remember that little changes may not seem that significant, but over time and as we make generational change to the way we view plastics and the environment, they do add up.

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