Take drab shoes to new heights with Shwings, the latest shoe accessory to hit our shores straight from Hollywood. Here are five reasons why I love them and why you will too.

1. Versatility is key for your own flyin’ style. Wear them high, wear them low or wear them layered for many tricked out looks.

2. They come in 18 colours and 2 styles (for laces or velcro shoes). Pictured below are apple, gold, pink neon and blue neon.

3. The price is super nice – $9.95 from exclusive Australian stockist Brusselsprouts. Unlike shoes the kids can’t grow out of them so you can transfer them to new shoes as little feet get bigger.

4. Shwings aren’t just for kids. Mums and dads can also put a Shwing in their step with the right pair of sneakers and c-ordinating Shwings.

5. The super fashionable kids of celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum wear them. Hollywood style at the right price (see reason 3 above).


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