A few months ago Tiff and Nathan from Puggle Baby sent us one of their brand new Adventure Nappy Backpacks to review. I’ll admit that we aren’t a particularly adventurous family, more likely to take a walk around a farmers market on the weekend than venture off on a bushwalk, but the beauty of this baby backpack is that it has been designed for the modern active parent, no matter what that looks like for you. Here’s five reasons why I love the Puggle Nappy Backpack!

It has space for EVERYTHING

While it doesn’t look as big as it is, the Puggle Nappy Backpack is 48cm long and can hold so many things inside. We usually carry everything below and it all fits without any issues:

  • at least five nappies plus a packet of wipes
  • change of clothes for two kids
  • two Yumbox lunch boxes and two water bottles
  • sunscreen
  • toys/dolls/books
  • a laptop + charger
  • DSLR camera

This is a baby backpack big on space without being overly bulky or heavy.

nappy bags for dads

It’s the perfect nappy bag for dads

While some men are more comfortable with their feminine side and won’t blink twice at carrying a nappy bag, if you want to up your chances of sharing the baby bag load, a backpack is the way to go. The Puggle Adventure backpack is available in Black Diamond (sorry the grey colour of our bag is no longer available).

When it comes to practicality, when you have one baby it’s fair enough to have a gorgeous nappy bag that you carry around, but when baby two arrives you need to have hands free as much as possible so a baby bag backpack is the way to go.

It has all the features you could ever want and more

This is a baby bag that you know has been designed by parents. It has so many features:

  • An easy access zip pocket at the bottom for nappy and wipes storage so you can access them for nappy changes without having to dig around in the bag
  • Two side pockets – one thermal lined drink pocket and one easy access wipes pocket (although we used both for water bottles)
  • A pocket at the rear of the back for popping your valuables – perfect for travelling
  • The pocket at the front is open so you can throw in all of those “extra” things you grab on the way out the door without having to open the bag up
  • A lined wet/dry section in the middle because kids are unpredictable and you never know when you will have a set of wet clothes on your hands
  • My favourite feature are the stroller buckles that will attach to any pram. The straps loop over the handle of the pram and buckle up so they will stay securely attached.
  • Plus water repellant fabric, chest strap and more!

nappy bag backpack

It’s more than just a nappy bag

With a little bit of luck you will only need to carry nappies around with you for 2-2.5 years before they toilet train. Beyond that you still have loads of kid “stuff” (e.g. today’s favourite toy that your 4-year-old couldn’t bear to leave the house without but refuses to carry) so you need a bag that is versatile and will last the test of time. The Puggle Baby Backpack has a laptop/ipad pocket within the main section, a small zip section (perfect for lipstick/car keys) and the other sections can be repurposed for non-baby uses – pop your shoes in the bottom for the gym and your towel in the wet/dry section!

It’s durable and high quality

When you invest in a nappy bag you want it to last (The Puggle Adventure Backpack is priced at $229). This is a bag that is made for the rugged outdoors. The water repellent nylon outer shell is easy to clean (I managed to get grease from the car on it and it cleaned up perfectly) and sturdy. The zips are splash proof and the mesh and fabrics used inside the backpack are also quality. Too bad I haven’t taught Olivia how to take a quality photo of me yet…

baby backpack nappy bag puggle baby

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Puggle Nappy Backpack Review