I have a huge collection of cookbooks, well a huge collection of books in general, but cookbooks in particular. I love browsing through them while sitting on the couch at night and gaining inspiration from the pages. I love reading about food nearly as much as I love eating it! And I personally think that cookbooks make the best coffee table books. Who wouldn’t want to browse through pages of delicious looking food photography?!

But the problem with some coffee table style cookbooks is that they sit on your coffee table and you don’t actually use them. The recipes are too complex and your days of setting aside a whole Saturday to prepare for a dinner party that night are long gone! But I had a quick look through my collection, and while we don’t have a coffee table, these books are all on display in my living room and I use each of them regularly.

How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson

How to be a Domestic Goddess is perhaps my favourite cookbook of all time. I make the Autumnal Birthday Cake at least twice a year for different birthdays and the Fairy Cake recipe is my go to cupcake recipe. My copy is no longer coffee table worthy, with many of the pages stuck together and dog eared but I think that makes it more endearing. Nigella Lawson really has such a way with food and words that you can’t help but love her books! I’m such a Nigella fan girl that my cat is named Nigella Pawson in her honour. And don’t be fooled by the complexity of her recipes – they work every single time.

Something for Everyone by Louise Fulton Keats

Something for Everyone is a book that I think every parent should have in their home. Delicious food that you would happily serve to friends at a dinner party but that your kids will also actually eat! The images are gorgeous and the recipes delish. We make the pizzas often and I turn to the breakfast recipes when I’m seeking some weekend brunch inspiration.

The Silver Spoon by Alberto Capatti

Not so many pictures in this bible of Italian cooking but so very many recipes in this bad boy! I use the pasta and gnocchi recipes each time I make either of these from scratch and have tried a few of the 2,000 recipes included inside The Silver Spoon. It’s amazing to look through and see the different variations, sauces and dishes you can create – more than just the spaghetti bolognaise I grew up with!

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver

The trend at the moment is definitely super foods and Everyday Super Foods is a really great introduction to super foods. Jamie Oliver has a way of making food accessible to everyone and giving you the tools to make amazing meals at home. The portable jar salads are so tasty and the snack ideas are super easy to make!

No Time to Cook by Donna Hay

Like any Donna Hay cookbook, gorgeous food photography presented on clean pages with easy to follow recipes are what you will find in No Time to Cook. I have made the mint and rosemary lamb meatballs more times than I can count as well as the chicken patties with basil and cashews. The pan-roasted shellfish is a great one to pull out when you are entertaining friends.

Do you have any favourite coffee table cookbooks? Or are you more an online recipe user?

The links in this post are affiliate links but I own each one of these books and use them regularly!


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