If you ask my husband he will tell you that it is almost impossible to find a TV show that I like to watch. While he is into The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, I’m not such a fan of swords and zombies. I prefer a good love story or drama for my TV tune out time. When I find a show that I like, I’m hooked! Here is my pick of the five best TV shows that I love to curl up on the couch and watch at night after a hard day of working/mum duty.

Hart of Dixie

I have two words for you. Wilson Bethel. In my opinion the series is worth watching for the man candy that is Wilson Bethel but it is my favourite TV show for so many reasons. The big city doctor moves to There are love triangles, friendship, country charm and lots of laughs. If you are looking for a show that you can unwind with at night then this is the one. It’s light, fun and addictive.

Orange is the New Black

Hubby and I recently watched season 3 of OITNB on Netflix and powered through all 13 episodes in 5 days. Sure we were tired after staying up waaay past our bedtime but it was so worth it! Think Mean Girls meets Prison Break meets The L Word. There are so many juicy plot lines and twists, all behind the walls of a women’s prison.

Mad Men

I’m a late comer to the Mad Men bandwagon but am now a devotee. It is a great show to watch with your partner – hubby and I are both enjoying it.  The workplace drinking culture, the blatant sexism, the fashion, the love affairs… What’s not to love? The show has 7 seasons and all are available on Netflix.


I can’t have a list of TV series without including an Australian show and one of my favourites at the moment is Wonderland. Live vicariously through a group of 20-something friends, with their beachside view and relationship ups and downs. It is good viewing with great characters and a nice Aussie feel.

One Born Every Minute

I couldn’t watch One Born Every Minute before having a baby but now I am obsessed. Childbirth is a beautiful thing and watching it TV means I can experience it without the pain! My hubby can’t bear to watch it, watching childbirth in real life was enough for him, so seeing it on TV is totally out of the question.

What are your best TV shows? Are you on Netflix? Do you watch regular TV anymore?


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