Looking for things to do in Sydney with kids that will not only entertain them but where they will walk away smarter for the experience? We’ve found 5 places in Sydney for kids that they will love whilst also learning new things.

Sydney Opera House

Whether you’re taking the kids to see a show at the Opera House or just looking for a cultural experience, there is certainly lots there to excite and educate the tribe. Take the kids inside the historic building and enjoy the free Creative Play program the Opera House offers for kids. Let them get creative and crafty. Or send them on a Junior Adventure Tour of the Opera House where they will learn about some of the mysteries and secrets of the building. The tour runs for 1 hour during school holidays and cost $22 per child.

Science Space

Science Space is only an hour’s drive from Sydney and a fantastic day out for the kids. There is a Planetarium show where you can lay back in reclined theatre chairs in the dark and learn all about the constellations in the night sky, and watch a cool short movie on the planets.

There is also a Bubbles and Balloons science show where you learn all about how to make bubbles, how to catch one without popping it and how to pierce a balloon without popping it. Plus there are lots of hands on science experiments and fun to be had.

science space wollongong

Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum is often home to many exciting exhibitions that come and go, but there are a couple of permanent exhibitions that the kids will absolutely love whilst also learning a thing or two.

On the bottom level of the Powerhouse Museum there is a Wiggles Exhibition where the kids can see real Wiggles artefacts including Anthony Wiggle’s blue skivvy, Aria awards, and more. Plus they can get hands on with activities in Dorothy the Dinosaur’s house, steer the ship on the SS Feathersword and dance with Henry the Octopus. Plus there are monthly get togethers for babies and toddlers. MAAS Minis is for ages 3-5 and MAAS Tinies is for babies to 2 years.

The Powerhouse Museum - Wiggles exhibition

Sydney Park Urban Farm

Sydney Park has a new Urban Farm that has been created by Sydney City Council and volunteers within the community. The Urban Farm is a space where locals can go to plant and cultivate fruit and vegetables whilst helping those living in the city the process that goes into paddock to plate produce.

There will be growers markets held here this year and a kids program is being developed now to involve the kids in the farming process. Sydney Park Urban Farm is open for all members of the public to wander around and enjoy now.

Sydney Park Urban Farm

Royal Botanic Gardens

There is so much to learn about plants and nature and what better place to do it than at the Royal Botanic Gardens? One of the really interesting experiences for kids at the RBG is the Pollination at the Calyx garden. Learn all about bees and pollination and the role that colourful flowers play in the pollination process.

The kids will love it with the colourful garden beds and the backdrop Pollination wall. This is a free display so put it on your list of things in Sydney to see with the kids!

WORDS: Amanda Nicholls

Amanda is the Editor-in-Chief of www.entertainmytribe.com.au

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5 awesome educational things to do in sydney with kids