It is a well known fact that google has all the answers. It is also a well known fact that google contains more useless information than useful and can lead you to erroneous information overload. When you need an answer to a breastfeeding question in the middle of the night, or any time of day really, you want to know where to go to find an answer you can trust. I’ve tracked down four reliable sources to go for any breastfeeding questions you want answered online.

1. Australian Breastfeeding Association

If you want to speak to a real person about your breastfeeding question, the ABA has a wonderful helpline you can call. I have called it a couple of times before and found it to be a reassuring service. Online you will find a variety of fact sheets you can download covering breastfeeding and the law in Australia, returning to work and breastfeeding among other topics. You can also track down local breastfeeding support groups or look into breastfeeding classes in your area.

2. Medela

If you are after more technical or research based information about breastfeeding, Medela has a few interesting research papers on their website. Not recommended for those 3am feeds! Great for breastfeeding nerds who want to know all the ins and outs. There is also information about general breastfeeding topics and a wealth of information on expressing breastmilk given that is their field of expertise.

3. Pinky McKay

Pinky is an Australian lactation consultant and her website has heaps of articles about breastfeeding and parenting in general. There is also another blog at the Pinkys Bobbie Bikkies (lactation cookies) website. I found this post on how dads can support breastfeeding to be really useful. Pink’s blog is one to head to if you are wanting to read about general breastfeeding information and stories. Perfect for 3am feeds!

4. KellyMom

The KellyMom blog is written by an American lactation consultant so some of the information about the legal aspects of breastfeeding or local/country based support may not be relevant here but this blog has so much information on breastfeeding and is regularly updated with more. The website navigation is really easy to follow and the menus are broken down into simple and often asked questions and topics.

Remember that if you are having difficulties with breastfeeding there is always support out there. You can call the Australian Breastfeeding Association (1800 686 268), Health Direct Australia (1800 022 222), Tresilian (1800 637 357) or Karitane (1300 227 464) for breastfeeding advice. Or pay a visit to your GP. Getting out of the house can be tricky with a baby sometimes but it might be just the thing to do to get the support you need.

Where do you go for breastfeeding information online?


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