Kids love to bake and these Easter cupcakes are so easy for them to get involved in making. You can use packet mix for the cupcakes and Betty Crocker frosting or make it all yourself from scratch. The joy is really in watching their faces light up as the cupcakes come together and the fun of getting messy in the kitchen. Plus the kids will love showing off their cute Easter cupcake creations!

Fluffy bunny tail cupcakes

Fluffy bunny tail cupcakes

Ice your cupcakes with pale pink or white icing. Cut a marshmallow in half and place one half, cut side down on top of the icing to make a bunny tail. If you are using pink icing, white marshmallows are best or use pink marshmallows for white icing. When it comes to easy Easter cupcakes, these take the cake. Pun intended.

bunny cupcakes

Bunny cupcakes

To make the bunny ears you will first need to make some pink sugar. You could buy it at a cake supply store or just add a little pink food colouring with some caster sugar into a zip lock bag. Rub it all together until the sugar is pink and there is no visible food colouring remaining.

Next, cut a marshmallow in half and press it, cut side down, into the pink sugar to coat. Shape to create a bunny ear shape.

Place the bunny ears on cupcakes iced with pink or white icing and voila, bunny cupcakes!

sprinkle easter egg cupcakes

Sprinkle Easter egg cupcakes

Ice your cupcakes whatever colour you like. Pastel shades of pink, blue, purple or green work best for Easter. Place an oval shaped cookie cutter over the icing and tip the sprinkles inside the cookie cutter. Carefully lift the cutter and you should have an Easter egg shape.

If you want to be a bit more creative you could try using a bunny ear or chick shaped cutter. Or if you don’t have a cutter but can get your hands on some Easter cupcake wrappers, just bake the cakes in those and then cover the top with icing and sprinkles.

easter egg nests cupcakes

Eggs in a nest cupcakes

The first step for these is to make the grass. You could use a fancy icing tip but if you are useless with a piping bag (no judgement, me too) you can get a grass-like result by using one of those silicone basting brushes. Ice the cupcake with green icing and then dab at the icing with the basting brush. You may need to wipe the brush as you go to get excess icing off.┬áIt won’t be perfect but it will still look cute.

Next crush up a few oreo biscuits (with the cream removed from the middle) and sprinkle them in a circle shape in the middle of the cupcake. Place a mini Easter egg (those candy coated ones are best) in the middle and you have an egg in a nest.

cute easter cupcakes for kids


Or you could just give your kids the decorations and see what Easter cupcake ideas they can come up with. Let them be creative and they might surprise you!

Do you have any other Easter cupcake ideas you can share?

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easy easter cupcakes