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3 cheap and cheerful halloween crafts the kids will love

Over the last few years I have notice the popularity of Halloween in Australia increasing and it seems to have reached new heights this year. The shelves at the shops are lined with Halloween decorations, lollies and costumes. Personally I enjoy the fun of it all and love that my kids are interested in sharing in the fun.

This year we are hosting a Halloween party so we have been getting into the DIY spirit and creating a few of our own Halloween crafts. They are simple to make and fairly inexpensive. Here goes…

Halloween ghost lollipops

Halloween ghost lollipops

It’s much more fun to hand out lollipops that look like ghosts than just plain old lollipops. It only takes a short time to make these and you probably already have most of the things you need in the house.

You will need

Lollipops (I used Chupa Chups)
Thin black ribbon
A black texta


Wrap the tissue around the lollipop, tying the ribbon around to hold it. Trim the ends so they are even and to your desired length. Draw on two eyes and a mouth and voila – ghost lollipops!

Halloween playdough treats

Halloween playdough

A few years ago I purchased little tubs of play-doh from Costco to give t trick-or-treaters. I only had one kid knock on my door that year – a little boy of about three years old. I still remember the look of absolute joy that came over his face! The good thing about these is that if you don’t have anyone knocking on your door on Halloween you aren’t left with loads of lollies that someone has to eat!

You will need

Small plastic containers
Playdough in Halloween colours (you can buy it or make your own)
Halloween stickers


Fill each container with playdough. Seal with the lid and place a Halloween sticker on top for decoration.

Halloween vases

DIY Halloween decorations

These vases are more of a sophisticated take on Halloween and are good if you have kids that want to get into Halloween but might be scared of some of the spookier decorations you see at the shops. I always keep a stack of mason jars in the cupboard and in the past have even painted some to make really gorgeous painted vases. The beauty is you can take the ribbon etc. off and use them again and again for different themes.

You will need

Small glasses, jars or vases
Hessian fabric
Ribbon in Halloween colours


Cut the hessian and ribbon so it just wraps around your jars/vases. Secure with the twine and tie a bow. Use dried flowers for a more spooky Halloween look. Easy!

Do you celebrate Halloween?

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