My oven mitts have been missing for going on three weeks. I have searched the house high and low but I do not know where Olivia has put them. That’s the problem with toddlers. They take something, play with it, lose interest and then leave it in whatever random place they happen to be in at the time. The image above was taken when I found my car key in Olivia’s toy car a few months ago. At least she had the right idea…

If you are looking for something you think your toddler has taken, here are 20 hiding places to start searching. Even if you don’t think you are missing something, have a look and I can almost guarantee you will find something they have absconded with.

  1. In the laundry basket
  2. In the cracks between the couch cushions
  3. Under the couch cushions
  4. Under the couch
  5. Behind the couch
  6. Inside any toy cars, trucks or houses
  7. Under the bed
  8. Under the mattress
  9. In all drawers and cupboards at toddler height
  10. In your handbag or backpack
  11. Inside tissue boxes
  12. In the pets food bowls
  13. Under any and all furniture
  14. On dining chairs, particularly the ones that no one sits on
  15. In the toy box
  16. Inside their lunchbox
  17. Inside the containers inside their lunchbox
  18. Inside open boxes in the pantry
  19. Behind the toilet
  20. And my personal favourite… In the bin

So, I have searched all these places and still can’t fit my oven mits. Hit me with your best places to look!

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