We love chocolate as much as the next person but when it comes to Easter you can end up with a chocolate overload, particularly for the kids. When it comes to alternative Easter gifts for kids, we’ve got you covered. From adorable bunnies to bunny ears, Easter pyjamas and sweet clothing, this is your go-to Easter gift guide!

Cute Easter gifts for kids

Piki Basket – Pink, $39, Olli Ella; Large Easter “Bunny” Cookie Mix, $16, Sweet Health; Pastel Easter Cress Chick, $4.95 each, Mr Fothergill’s; Hygge Bunny – Monochrome, $27, Edge of the Forest; Easter Egg Decorating Kit, $17, Williams Sonoma; Large Easter Bunny Bow Clip, $9.50, One Sweet Cupcake; Bunny Long Sleeve Tee – Chalk, $16.95, Pumpkin Patch; Bunny Harem Pant – Chalk, $14.95, Pumpkin Patch

Easter pyjamas and bunny gifts for kids

Orlando Rabbit Longjohn, $42.95, Snugglebum; Rabbit Ear Ugg Boots, $59.95, Pumpkin Patch; Matching Eggs – Pastel, $35, Nursery Room; Silicone Easter Pancake Moulds – Set of 3, $20, Williams Sonoma; Reversible Easter Bloomers, from $34.95, Hopscotch Baby

alternative Easter gifts for kids

Piki Basket – White, $39, Olli Ella; Alimrose Bella Ballet Bunny Doll, $53, Summer Lane; Little Live Pets Surprise Chick, $16.99, Mr Toys Toyworld; Pearl Bunny Ears Headband – Pink, $19.95, Designer Kidz; Mercer + Reid Oak Egg Holder, $9.99, Adairs; Large Easter Cookie Mix, $16, Sweet Health; Snowdrop Bunny Longjohn, $42.95, Snugglebum

2018 Easter gift ideas bunny gifts

Léo, Léni, and Lila Bunny Night Lights, $89, Les Folies; Large Easter Bunny Bow Clip, $9.50, One Sweet Cupcake; Bunny Face Long Sleeve Tee – Floss, $16.95, Pumpkin Patch; Coloured Egg Boxes – 10 Pack, $12.95, Little Boo-Teek

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

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alternative easter gifts for kids