The first time you bath your baby is such a special experience. But it is also quite scary – they are like slippery fish when wet! If you are after bathroom safety tips for babies, toddlers and older kids, here you will find the 15 best bath safety tips and products to help. Always remember to never leave baby unattended in the bath tub.

Baby bath water temperature

You might enjoy stepping in to a steaming hot bath, but water that is too hot can very quickly scald a baby’s skin. The ideal baby bath temperature is 37 to 38C (i.e. body temperature). A baby bath thermometer will very quickly tell you whether the bath is the right temperature.

According to the Raising Children Network, when running the bath, you should run the cold water first, then add hot water and always turn the hot water off before the cold water. This helps to avoid the metal taps becoming hot. A bath spout cover can also help with protecting babies and kids from overheated metal spouts and those sharp edges that they can bump their heads on.

Baby bath spout cover

Where to bath baby

Bath tub? Bath seat? Laundry sink? Shower? Where you bath baby will really depend on the bathroom setup you have in your home and how comfortable you feel with the different options.

If you are going to bath baby in your bath tub, a Kneepal kneeling cushion is a must have. Kneeling on the ground next to the bath can be really hard on your knees, so Kneepal is ergonomically designed and is a great knee support for kneeling next to the tub. The best knee pad for bathing babies in my opinion! And it can also be used for gardening, changing tyres or even for kneeling while doing a puzzle or craft with the kids.

A baby bath support can either be used in the bath tub or even the laundry sink if it is large enough. Remember that a bath seat is not a safety device so you still need to keep your hands on baby at all times. A soft support is perfect for bathing baby in the sink like this Moby SoftSpot Sink Bather. For a harder plastic option, the Angelcare Infant Bath Seat is hygienic and mildew-resistant.

If you have a large bath tub and hate the idea of having to fill it with so much unnecessary water each time you run a bath for the kids, have a look at the BabyDam Bathwater Barrier. It flexes to fit your bath and turns it into a baby-sized tub.

Kneepal bath kneeling pad

Taking baby into the shower

Taking baby into the shower with you can be the perfect solution for parents who either don’t have a bath in their home or want to save time by showering with baby.

But anyone who has ever held a wet baby will tell you that they can be mighty slippery! The Original Infant Bathing Glove was designed specifically for holding baby to prevent them slipping in your arms. It extends all the way up to your elbow and is made from organic terry cotton to give you a secure grip. It can also be used for the bath to give you extra peace of mind to keep baby from slipping in the tub.

A Charlichair is ideal for taking baby into the shower and perfect for apartments or houses that don’t have a bath tub. Like a bath seat, you still need to keep hands on baby but the Charlichair has the added benefit of saving your back from bending over the bath and is suitable for toddlers up to 17kg.

Whether you use it in the bath to keep baby from slipping in the tub or in the shower to prevent yourself from slipping, a non-slip bath mat like this cute dotty one from Munchkin is also a good idea.

Baby bath towels

One product that will really help with bath time is an apron towel. You pop the towel over your neck so you have hands free to get baby out of the bath and can then securely hold them to dry them. If you prefer a hooded bath wrap, Pottery Barn Kids has the cutest range!

For older kids, bath robes work well, especially when you can’t keep them still for long enough to dry them. Give their legs a quick dry, throw on the robe, tie it up and away they go. It at least keeps them warm until you can get them dressed. This is particularly handy if you have more than one child and need to be able to get them out quickly. We love the Sheridan kids bath robes.

Baby bath towels

Baby bath products

If you, like many other parents these days, are more conscious of what products you use in your home and for your family, natural bath products are a good way to go. Nourished Life is our go-to for kids and baby bath products. They stock a range of our favourites including Little Innoscents, Ecostore, Jack N’ Jill, WOTNOT and more. The right bath products can also help with a relaxing bedtime routine and getting baby to sleep!

Bath time = play time

Bath time is a really beautiful time to bond with your little ones and have some fun! In amongst the chaos of the day, it is a time for calm, connection and having a little fun. Boon bath toys have always been our favourite toys for bath time. They are bright, colourful and encourage problem solving and fine motor skill development in kids. If your kids are a bit older, the Tinti range from Nourished Life includes natural bath foam, bath crackle and painting soap. Imagine all the fun you could have with that?!

Keep an eye on your bath toys as they can be a breeding ground for mould, particularly the inside of rubber duck type toys. Aways empty the toys of water after a bath. If you hold the toy up to the light and can see dark spots inside the toy, that is most likely mould.

Happy bathing!

Best baby bath products

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15+ of the best baby bath products and safety tips