The weekend rolls around again and, once again, you haven’t planned anything. You’ll do the usual Saturday sport, cleaning the house and carting the kids around to the various birthday parties, but when are you taking time to connect as a family?

Building some fun family activities into your weekend is a must, especially given how little time you probably spend together as a family during the week. Be inspired for your family time with these 14 fun ideas!

Write a family bucket list

If you are looking for fun stuff to do with your family, why not start by asking your family what they want to do? Sit down as a family and create a bucket list of all the fun family activities you want to do on the weekend. It is your family list so you can add whatever you like to it… Pancakes for dinner or making a swing for the backyard – the sky is the limit!

Each weekend you can pull out your list and tick one or more items off. Add new ones as the kids get older and you will always have something to do as a family.

Take a walk

Pop on your walking shoes and hit the track. A family walk is a great way to start (or end) the weekend. Walk around your local streets or find a walking track to go for more of a hike. Make it even more fun by adding in a nature scavenger hunt to keep the kids occupied on the walk.

Go fruit picking

This is such a fun family activity and one that you can make into an annual tradition. Many orchards will also have a picnic area for you to have some lunch after your fruit picking so you can make a whole day of it. The beauty of fruit picking is that on top of strengthening the family bond, you also go home with bags of freshly picked fruit at nowhere near the price you would regularly pay for it.

family activity - fruit picking mandarins

Make a movie

Have you seen that episode of Peppa Pig where Daddy Pig gets a new camera and they all make a movie together? Like her or loathe her, this is a great family activity. For older kids you could write a script together and then each play a role. For younger kids you will probably take more of a documentary angle, recording a day in the life or asking them questions to the camera. What a beautiful record to have for the future and a wonderful way of spending time with family in a creative way.

Play local tourist

When was the last time when you did any of the “touristy” things in your own city? Depending on where you live, there are probably museums, zoos and attractions that you have never been to that the kids would absolutely love. Ask in a local Facebook mums group if anyone can recommend a good spot and plan to make a visit.

Get into the garden

If you plant a vegetable patch you will have a regular activity to do with the kids at home every weekend. Plus you will able to reap the rewards of your effort with homegrown fruit and vegetables. In terms of free family activities at home, you don’t get much better than this! Of course there may be an initial outlay for plants and soil etc., but going forward, all you need is a little tender loving care.

Go for a drive

If you drive an hour from your home where will you end up? From Sydney you might hit the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, Windsor, Bowral or Wollongong. If your kids are ok in the car, plan a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been before. You can play eye spy in the car, enjoy a picnic at your destination and experience something different from what you would normally do at home. You just need a tank of petrol and you are on your way.

Visit a farmers market

Farmers markets are always busy, bustling and a great experience for kids. Arrive early so you can grab the best produce and make a day of it by heading on a picnic after the market or going home to cook up some soup or another delicious meal. Often farmers markets will also have regular markets attached so the kids can bring their pocket money to buy something for themselves.

Cook together

Cooking with kids can be messy and frustrating, sure, but it can also be highly rewarding and enjoyable. If you start cooking with them when they are young, just think of the meals they will be able to cook for you when you are older. Making pasta or pizza together is a great family activity.

cooking with kids - homemade pizza

Have a family game night

Not for the faint hearted, a family game night (or day if your kids are younger) is a great way to bond and enjoy a cheap family activity. Twister is always a favourite as is Scrabble for older kids (and a more intellectual family game night). Speak Out looks like a fun one if you are up for a laugh and you couldn’t go wrong with this Family Feud Disney edition. If you have friends who also love game nights you can swap board games to mix it up.

Head to a school fete

School fetes have all the elements required of fun family activities. With a bit of luck you will find face painting, rides for the kids, a sausage sizzle and other activities for the kids. Don’t just stay within your local area either. In Autumn and Spring, school fetes pop up almost every weekend so you can do a broader search and discover something new. Take some cash to pay for the food etc. and your walking shoes as, if it’s a good one, you might be on your feet for awhile.

Camp out in the backyard

You don’t need any fancy equipment to camp out in the backyard, and you don’t even need to sleep there if you don’t want to. A simple tent or even a sheet thrown over the clothesline, or a couple of chairs, will do. Fill it with pillows, games and books and enjoy some cosy time as a family. If you have an outdoor projector you can even turn it into a family movie night under the stars!

Do a puzzle

If a family game night isn’t your thing, and you prefer a quieter activity for the family, doing a puzzle is a great option. This rainbow jigsaw puzzle will certainly keep you busy for awhile, as will this pencil collage puzzle and this doorways jigsaw puzzle. If the kids lose interest, using a puzzle roll allows come pack it away and return to it next weekend or when the kids have gone to bed.

fun family activities - puzzles

Volunteer as a family

There couldn’t be anything more rewarding to do as a family than to give your time to help other people. Whether it is participating in a local clean up event, volunteering at a soup kitchen or even just sorting through your own things at home to donate to others, giving your kids exposure to the world and how fortunate their position in the world is, will help to strengthen your family bond. You might also be surprised at how much fun you will all have as a family!

What ideas do you have for spending time with family on the weekend?

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