This winter has been cold. Really, really cold. So cold that I am dreading the day our electricity bill arrives and reveals just how much I have been using the heater. I’m on a mission to use the heater less for the remaining winter days. If you are also trying to avoid electricity bill shock then here are some ideas for how to keep warm in winter without turning on the heater.

1. A good old fashioned blanket. Wool, cashmere and fleece will be the warmest types of blanket. Settle in on the couch at night and throw your blanket over your lap. Just make sure the TV remotes, your phone and whatever else you need are within reach so you don’t have to leave your cocoon.

2. Make yourself a hot drink. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even just hot water with a slice of lemon will all warm you up from the inside. Your hands also warm while you are holding the drink so you get a double benefit!

3. Fill up a hot water bottle about 20 minutes before you go to bed and pop it in your bed under the covers. I put mine at the foot of the bed as my feet are always cold. Just be careful when sleeping with a hot water bottle as they can scald.

4. Buy a set of flannelette sheets. According to an article in the Daily Mail UK, “The natural texture of flannel sheets holds tiny pockets of air between bed and sleeper – the ideal design to trap heat, regardless of the freezing weather outside.” Sounds good to me!

5. Before your put your pyjamas on at night throw them in the dryer for a minute. They will be warm and cosy when you put them on and you haven’t used as much electricity as the heater. Be careful if your pyjamas are made from a delicate fabric.

6. Similar to pyjamas, you can also put your towel in the dryer just before a shower. This works best if you have someone who can bring the towel to your straight from the dryer. Just a minute will do to give it a bit of warmth.

7. Dressing gowns aren’t just for nannas. Buy a really nice fleecy one and wear it around the house. It’s amazing the warmth it can bring. A warm pair of slippers or UGG boots also help.

8. If you are lucky enough to have someone you can snuggle up to then get close and share body heat. Cuddle with the kids on the couch or snuggle up to your partner when the kids have gone to bed.

9. Get a cat. Ok this one is kind of a joke but cats make the best hot water bottles. Granted looking after them is expensive but if you have a cat and it will sit on your lap then enjoy!

10. If you have to wash and dry your hair, a quick burst of the hair dryer down your top is amazing. I lived at a boarding school in Japan for a few months and they weren’t big fans of heating so the girls would do this to warm up at night. It really works!

11. I know technically this is about ways to stay warm without a heater but if you have an air conditioner, turning it on for 30 minutes in the morning will help to take some of the chill out of the air. I usually turn it on as soon as we get up and turn it off after breakfast. If we are going out for the day I don’t really bother.

Do you have a tip for staying warm in winter? Have you suffered from electricity bill shock? Flanelette sheets – yay or nay?


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