Life admin is about as unsexy as it gets. It is all those little tasks that just niggle away at you, moved from one to-do-list to another. January is the perfect time to tackle your life admin to set you up for a successful year ahead. Sara Keli shares the 10 tasks that to focus on in January to start the year on the right foot.

Schedule your health appointments

Whether you are due for a Pap Smear this year or have been putting off that dentist appointment, take some time in January to plan out what you can around your health for the year. by consumer guarantees.

Check subscriptions and memberships

Those cheeky little subscriptions and memberships can add up, especially for things like apps. Check your PayPal account for any recurring payments and cancel what you no longer need. You can also check payments and subscriptions in the App Store. While you are reviewing, note everything in a spreadsheet and add to it throughout the year so it makes your next review much simpler.

Catch up with your filing

Bills can very easily start to pile up, especially towards the end of the year. In January, make sure to file anything that you haven’t already – both paper filing and digital filing. If you don’t need to keep a physical copy of something but no need a record, try scanning it and filing it digitally to save clutter and space.

Review your insurances

No matter what insurances you have, a regular check will ensure that you aren’t paying more than you need to and also that the insurance cover is still adequate and relevant. While you are there you could also review your mortgage, credit cards, other personal loans and your finances generally. Saving a little bit here and there can really add up.

Check your superannuation

When was the last time you checked your superannuation balance? Do you know what it is off the top of your head? While retirement may seem a way off, being on top of your superannuation and how it is performing now could make all the difference to your retirement lifestyle.

Write or update your will

While it’s a depressing topic to think about, having a will in place can really help your family to understand your wishes if the worst should happen. While you are reviewing/writing your will perhaps you might also like to check your organ donation status and make any changes to that.

Tackle your inbox

You are either one of those people who manages inbox zero every day or you are drowning in a sea of thousands of emails, barely able to come up for air. If you are the latter, start the year off on the right foot to hopefully keep things under control. Use a service like to bulk unsubscribe from any newsletters you no longer want to receive.

Create a $5 bill jar

If you were to put every $5 note that is in your wallet at the end of each day into a jar, how much money do you think you would have at the end of 12 months? It could really add up! If you can’t manage to place your $5 notes in a jar, perhaps you could do $2 coins or even just silver coins. Either way you are setting yourself up with a little spare cash!

Back up and sort your photos

If you haven’t backed up the photos on your phone recently then stop reading this immediately and do it NOW! If you were to lose your phone you would also lose so many memories along with it. Whether you use iCloud or a back up to hard drive or Dropbox, make sure you have a plan in place and follow it! If you have time in January you could also look at getting a photo book of the previous year created as a beautiful summary of the year.


With everything else going on in your life, the top task on your life admin list should really be looking after yourself. Before you know it, February and then in the blink of an eye you will be back to January again. When you have the chance, take time to relax and practice self-care. Now could be a good time to also plan out some self-care time for the rest of the year to keep it as a priority.

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